The French violinist Jean-Luc Ponty:

"I like the modern style on this recording, very American, I couldn't tell you are Danish!"

Niels Overgård in JazzNyt:

"Doctor Django and his Nurses are like nobody else in Danish jazz. Thank you!

The album's big win is Enrico Rosa's formidable guitar playing. His sense of skewed timing is a delight. With Django's violin, they take  some brave detours that testify to great musical profitiency."

One of the most iconic sites along Route 66 is Roy's Motel & Café in the Mojave Desert town Amboy in San Bernadino Country, USA. 

You may hear Doctor Django and his Nurses "Route 66" playing at Roy's on your next visit. Please help support this historic landmark. Send a donation at their website.